Cute Japanese names

The Japanese communities all throughout the world and by the people of Japan, prefer to use Japanese names for them. japanese name generator

The names are of great significance and are used for fortune telling purposes and making it auspicious for the child and family.

The same name in the Japanese language has different meanings depending on the characters used in it. 

Japanese names are cute and here is the list of few cute names is:

• Airi- a cute and short name meaning love, affection combined with white jasmine.
• Aki- another short cute name meaning clear crystal or bright.
• Chika, chi meaning thousand, or wisdom and ka meaning flower.
• Emi meaning benefit or favor
• Gorou meaning fifth usually used for the fifth son.
• Hana  meaning flower.

Apart from the above listed names there are several other cute Japanese names like Ai, Aoi, Asuka, Cho, Daiki, Hina, Jiro, Jun, Kenta, Koji, Mao, Miki and many more. 

The names are used as written above or they can be changed by using any other Kanji character like Aimi can also be made Aina, where Ai means love, mi means affection and na means green vegetables.

Many more such beautiful combinations are possible to get a cute Japanese name. 

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